How To SEO a Video To Drive Traffic

After almost spending 2 decades in twenty first century,internet seems to be THE most powerful tool that is affecting the course of this world. With the growing competition in on-line business and the fast pace life,it is evident to be on the top of the list,in order to win in this overly competitive market. Whenever someone is typing his queries on his favorite search engine, the handful result which are on the top of the page are getting noticed,so whether you’re designing a webpage or a website,getting it to the topmost preference list is important.

Search Engine Optimization is the desired tool that helps you to get your job done. The term search engine optimization is referred to the process of bringing your webpage or website, when searched as the relevant topic as one of the top most result available so that it can create an opportunity of driving the traffic towards your site which will in turn convert into regular follower to customer.

With the growth of the online business and e-commerce,people are more prone to earn money using these facilities .Businesses like online coaching and online tutorial are receiving immense growth day by day. Search Engine Optimization or SEO acts as the way to stay ahead of most of the content available online. SEO depends upon a range of aspects that governs the location of your content when searched on the relevant topic on any search engine.

A few things that a video content creator should be keeping in mind while posting a video :

Title of the video: The title plays the role of the foremost object that is noticed by the search engine. In this context, it must be remembered that the title of the should be in context with the content of the video that is being posted.For example, if the title of the video is “How to choose the good apples from the rotten one” and in the video you start speaking about adam’s apple, the video won’t be getting any notice,neither it will be getting appreciated by the viewer.

Description: Adding a proper description of the video helps it to get noticed not only by the people who are looking for it but also the “crawlers” of different search engines which act as the finders of the search engine to look for it. It should be kept in mind that there should be proper connection between the title of the video and the description for effective implication of SEO. A video description containing relevant keywords,useful hyperlinks are more appreciated or noticed than that video which is devoid of all of these.

Content: This can be considered as the most important thing that should be kept in mind while creating or uploading anything as such.The video must be resourceful, filled with useful knowledge, references so that the person who is viewing it will get the answers he is looking for. A well decorated video with proper Title,Description and Tags (which I’ll be talking a little later) may end up far below the list if the content is not useful to the viewer,It should also be noticed that a a video should also be captivating in nature in order to grab the attention of the audience which is a very important aspect in order to have a success. The most important period of the video, may it be of 10 minutes or 1 hour is the first 10 seconds most of the viewers will be switching to something different if you fail to captivate your audience and as a result you SEO will be going low. An entertaining, captivating video filled with useful information and resources are bound to receive a good SEO score and as a result, you will be getting a better number of the viewer.

Tags: These serves as the keywords which link all of your video, title, description together. Tags are the keyword or phrases that are used by the “crawlers” of the search engines to look for the specific content present in the internet,compare them using the algorithm in their server and bringing the most relevant, most searched,most viewed results,in short the content having higher SEO to the top, for its user. These keywords or the tags should be found from the keywords or phrases that are being used frequently used not only in the title, but also the description and the video itself other than that human review is also important to add appropriate tag.

After adding those tags the video should be reviewed using app like VidIQ which is available online to measure the SEO score,higher the better.Its should be mentioned here that adding proper tags will results of having score around or above 40 which is good enough and helps to place your video to the top of the list.

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