2020 Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services through digital technologies and mediums. Day by day digital marketing is getting popular as people are using the internet so easily that they had never done before.  Digital marketing is helping to spread the business worldwide. It gives a lot of options like email, video, social media, digital advertising or website base marketing to spread a business worldwide. The spreading of the digital marketing campaign depends on the marketing strategy of a particular company as they always have a clear idea about how it will support their overreaching goals.

In the current age of technology and digitalization, most likely everything gets into the digital platforms. If you research the current number of websites that exist on the internet you will be in a shock. The number is more or less 1,518,207,412 (based on my research). So just think for a moment, if you have a business that you launched recently on the internet and thinking that you will get a ton of traffic so easily then you are might be on the wrong path. We all have the same intent that we will grow and we’ll get the success with our business.  Another thing that might come to your mind that is every one of those websites based on my business or on my niche only? No, but, still, you should have understood from my metrics that most likely on every niche in the world there are so many competitors who are already standing on the top of the search engines and they all are aware of the strategies that are all available on the internet. But, we shouldn’t focus on the present, we should focus on the future. If we do so then we will be one step ahead of our competitors.

Today, I would like to give you all a few strategies that will become your best weapon to boost business. Strategies are needed to promote a business and these strategies change depending on the trends of the age. It is obvious that the strategy of the 90s was different from today and similarly, the marketing strategy 2020 will be different from today. Now we will discuss the digital marketing strategies of 2020. You all are ready?

Here they are;

Using of AI-Chatbots:

Chatbots are an effective software program that interacts with website visitors and customers. It communicates with the visitors naturally and promptly answer their questions. Now, in the present time that is not anymore a strange thing for everyone. But, when we are talking about future strategies we should have used something new. Here is the AI-Chatbot. All of us mostly habituated to use the chatbots as an automatic responder. But, it will not happen anymore. Now, with the integration of artificial intelligence, they become so smart and which will help you with increasing your ROI.

Using Private Messaging Apps instead of E-mails:

As the coming ages are getting more and more progressive day by day, the coming  2020 is one of the primary talking points nowadays as people are thinking about how things can really change. Day by day private messaging apps are getting popularity than emails, apps like Whatsapp, WeChat are gaining popularity, besides this, some payments apps like Paytm, PayPal, AmazonPay, PhonePay, GooglePay  are getting used every now then to make easy and fast payments directly from bank accounts so every company is focusing to develop such apps more and more.

Increased use of Artificial Intelligence:

Needless to say that how Artificial Intelligence helping us nowadays. And, if we are talking digital marketing then most probably this is the most important technology that will be going to play a major role in 2020. As an example, artificial intelligence is helping on content personalization without surfing on the internet for researching about the content. Now, you can just provide the keywords according to your business and the rest things will happen automatically. They will search for things, spin the content to make it unique and help you to gather traffic. Before a few years, every business owner thinks of to hire a lot of people to accomplish the work. With help AI one can easily save money and invest it in some other valuable place to grow the business.

Use of Voice Search:

According to many sources, at least 50% of people will use voice search in 2020. Google Voice Search is already a popular thing to the young generation but in coming years it will be used on a vast note as this will help us to make our search faster and it will also negotiate typing error and in order to make digital  updated companies will also include this search medium so that people are able to find them more easily. This is not it. There are other voice search tools are available now like Alexa, Siri, etc and they are quite famous as well.

Using Social Media:

In modern days people are not using social media as only a medium to connecting with friends, rather they are using it as a major tool of digital marketing as more or less each and every people use social media nowadays so to reach the maximum number of people it is perhaps the best medium and this will also increase the  selling chance of respective product or service.

Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

AR adds digital elements to a live view by using a camera on a smartphone where virtual reality presents an experience that completely shuts out from the real world. Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be in full showcase in the year 2020.

Interactive Contents:

Interactive contents create a better interaction between the creator and the audience. It creates higher engagement rates than normal content. This becomes a trendy method to harness limitless audiences. Self-images can be an option for that or votes or poles. This type of content capture more and relevant data. It helps to increase brand loyalty as well.

The year 2020 is going to be one of the most technically advanced years which is going to break the records of all technical advancement to date. Especially in the area of digital marketing, it is perhaps the most advanced one as things that are coming can only happen in dreams before.  So it is quite clear that digital marketing is going to be in a different clan altogether and our lives will be in full flow with this free-flowing world where limits are boundless, dreams are overwhelming as they are not going to be chased anymore rather they are attainable, so we can say men will be able to attain the unattainables which can only be previously done in a visionary world.

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