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Online shopping is one of my favorite things. Even if I am not buying or looking for anything special scrolling over the sites and checking offers, making a virtual wishlist is a nice way to kill boredom.

I always wondered how these shopping sites actually work. This was one of my the first tasks assigned to me in Urban Timer and I pretty enjoyed it and learned a few things about Amazon.

Now a brief idea about what was this whole task about –

My client had a variety of paintings which she was trying to sell online via Amazon (as that is the most sought after e-commerce website currently and the easiest way to sell or promote your products). She was based in the USA and she wanted to sell them in USA and Canada both. She provided me with a list that had all the necessary product details required for enlisting them on Amazon. What I had to do is take note of all of that and carefully put them in the right boxes to complete a successful product entry in the inventory.

I was delegated this task by our Head Of Operations. She helped me to understand this task. I was also helped a lot by my colleagues.

Now let me explain step by step what I actually did and how –

1. To sell something in Amazon you need to have a seller account, our client already had that and she shared with us her credentials. Amazon seller portal allows you to sell your product to both in their Canada and USA site.

2. Our client had already made a few listings by her own to help us with the task, we had to go to the manage inventory option and copy a previous listing.

3. For listing a product in Amazon after filling up the Vital Info, you have to go to the next tab i.e. Variations now we need to select the Variation theme, for this, it was “Size”.

2. In Amazon, we need to insert some necessary information which comprised of product dimensions (length x breadth), product price, product availability quantity, product title, product description in short etc. This was all provided to us by our client.

3. After inputting all these information we had to select a handling time frame and a shipping template (Amazon has different shipping templates for the US and Canada). Along with this we also needed to put carefully the prices as the prices are different for the product sizes and the price for a product also varies in USA and Canada.

4. Every product has a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). This is the most important thing for this task, it is actually a set of code which recognizes each product and distinguishes it from other products by its attributes. It also gives a brief, info about product type, size, color, available quantity etc.

5. The last tab is “Keywords”. Here we needed to put the Subject Content/Matter in more than one line (each having a limit of words) and Search Terms to increase the SEO of the product in the site.

6. After saving the listing and publishing it sometimes takes around 15 minutes for the successful enlistment of the product.

The task seemed pretty easy but it was not a path of flowers. There were some thorns too! As I mentioned earlier that SKU was the most important thing but we were not provided with any SKU by our client, and it was not a mandatory tab to be filled in for enlisting a product. But sometimes I failed to enlist a product and I got an error message which asked me to enter a valid SKU to complete the listing. Naturally, that wasn’t available with us and we had to skip that product which showed this error message.

This was one of the earliest tasks which were assigned to me here in Urban Timer, though it was an easy task but required concentration and focus. This task helped me to increase concentration, focus and taught me a lesson about complacency.

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