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Customer Service is the service that is provided to customers before, during and after a sale. In today’s time, providing good Customer Service is essential for a business to run successfully in the long run. Good Customer Service results in brand loyalty and customer retention. If you provide good Customer Service, then your customers are never going to leave you. And, if you are focused on providing a great Customer Service, then you will be able to provide a good product or service to your consumers according to their needs and preferences and in turn, grow your business.

Customer reward good service. Data says happy customers, provide more business (70% of satisfied customers will buy from you again) while unhappy customers provide less business (91% of dissatisfied customers will not buy from you again). One of the most important ways to improve the customer experience in terms of service is to have a highly trained and motivated team of Customer Service Representatives. But not everyone is a Customer Service guy. However, some people are meant for this role. They just love to delight people. Have ONLY those people in your Customer Service team.

Give your Customer Service team as much access to your business as possible. The owner is the best Customer Service rep. for the company because he/she has access to anything in the business, and can take any decision for the benefit of customers.

Your Customer Service team should be well equipped so that there is nothing holding them back to do a good job.

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They work in almost every industry. A good customer service representative does the following:

  • Listen and answer to customers’ needs and issues
  • Provide information about products and services
  • Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing or payments
  • Review or make changes to customer accounts 
  • Handle returns or complaints
  • Record details of customer contacts and actions are taken
  • Research answers or solutions as needed
  • Refer customers to supervisors, managers, or others who can help

Customer service representatives connect with many different kinds of people in their day to day life hence it is imperative for them to create and maintain positive relationships with them. One of the essential traits of a CSR should be patience and politeness as they have to deal with difficult and angry customers. Creating a personalized relationship with a customer helps retain them in the long run otherwise there is always a risk of losing the customer to the competitors. Successful customer service is keeping every customer happy and satisfied. A highly successful CSRs are a people’s person. They love to talk and connect with people. They’re passionately communicative. They’re genuinely excited to help customers. They’re empathetic in the way that they can put themselves in their customers’ shoes and advocate for them when needed. Customer feedback is priceless, and these CSRs can gather that for you. One of the other traits that a good customer care specialist possesses is problem-solving. They are confident at troubleshooting and investigate if they don’t have enough information to resolve customer complaints.

Today’s customer service goes far beyond the traditional telephone support agent. Now, it’s through email, text message, social media, web.

People in the past chose to buy products and services from businesses based on price, or the product or service offered, nowadays the overall experience including excellent customer service, is many times the driver.

Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Concentrating on good customer service is smart business.

One of the reasons it is imperative to solve your customers’ problems and issues is if they’re not solved, the customers are quick to post their negative comments online which can reach large audiences. This can negatively impact the organisation’s reputation.

In the end, the target for any organisation should be to ensure excellent service standards, respond effectively to customer inquiries and maintain high customer satisfaction.

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