Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Lead Generation and Email Marketing are two marketing strategies that have defeated the fads and emerged as a top practice when it comes to sales. Sure there is social media, word-of-mouth and other networking tools that have a considerable reach provided it is backed by good, appropriate content. An email, still, remains to be one of the most unobtrusive ways of reaching out and being remembered.

So, what is lead generation? A Lead is basically the contact information of a person or organization who you believe can be interested in your product or service. Say, if I were to generate leads for an ICO, I would be hunting down the contact information of investors and Venture Capitalists who are willing to invest in promising projects. Lead generation is thus, business specific, and requires a study of the business before one starts his search looking for the potential client.

A well-maintained and ever-growing Leads Sheet can go a long way in boosting the number of your clientele. However, having merely the contacts does not help. The contacts need reaching out, either individually or in bulk (through email blasting software). The simple process of reaching out to a potential client with your business description or services is called Email Marketing.

Email marketing also includes periodic follow-ups and sending offers and discounts if any. Your work does not even stop after that. Your leads sheet needs to be properly maintained, removing all contacts who have requested not to be contacted, and closely following up with positive responses.

All the above are important sales tasks, that are best carried out by your sales team. When you lack an in-house sales team, your VA can take it up for you. Please check with your VA on whether he/she is already experienced with such tasks, knows how to search leads, is aware of the key web applications needed, maintain them in a spreadsheet accessible to you, and email market the list.

At UrbanTimer, we have specialized in lead finding from freely available resources (as opposed to paid) and creating campaigns for bulk email marketing. We also take up sending emails manually, giving that personal touch to your sales pitch. If your requirement is to follow it up with a cold call, we are up for that too.

IF you have been thinking of reaching out proactively to your client base, please do not hesitate to send us your requirements at info@urbantimer.com.

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