Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

The first thing that people used to do in the morning after waking up was going to the washroom and brushing their teeth but that is like a story of the past now! The first thing we do after waking up in the morning is checking our smartphones for unread messages or updates on social media and if you have a charging point just near your bed then that works as the cherry on the top. We spent our time more on social media than in interacting with an actual human! But let’s not indulge in whether this habit is bad or not but this can work in favor to grow your business if implemented correctly.

As of the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users! So if you can present your business to this massive amount of audience then you surely know that your business will grow massively.

But wait! Gone are the days when the number of followers (‘Shares’ and ‘Likes’) directly influences an increase in profit for your business.

No doubt Facebook is a great place for many marketers to promote their business, but you should know exactly how to use this platform to your benefit. This social platform is full of people, ready to connect with brands that they find most relevant to their preferences.

Facebook can take your business to the next level but it can also be the reason for your downfall.

There have been some examples of companies who faced a lot of backlash due to their lack of research and strategies. They only focused to appear on the timelines of people but never thought beyond that.

Had those companies or its marketers known how to use Facebook as a brand building tool and how to manage bad publicity, they wouldn’t have to face such circumstances. So if you don’t want to be one of the brands that have messed up with Facebook marketing, here are top 5 marketing mistakes that you should avoid:

Too Much Promotion

You may take pride in your organization’s achievements, yet the group of onlookers on Facebook is searching for significantly more. They use Facebook to connect to brands that offer value to them. It is alright to impart your accomplishments to your devoted followers but you should never overdo it. If you are not offering value to your visitors are not furnishing them with the data they are searching for, you’re passing up a great opportunity. People spend time on Facebook to get entertained, inspired and interact with like-minded people. So as to advance your image, you should discover inventive ways that move guests give them a reason to connect.

Focused Only On Likes

We all are so much concerned about getting likes in our Facebook posts. We even get upset and depressed if our posts didn’t get the desired number of likes from our followers. Yes, winning ‘Likes’ for your post is important; more likes imply your message contacts more individuals, but your primary focus should be winning brand advocates and not just likes. These are individuals who like your post, share it with their networks and promote your brand for free. Create an editorial calendar to post content strategically. You need to post different contents in which people can get involved and feel interested. Find out on which days, which times your followers are more active and post on your page according to that. Engagement rates for Facebook posts are highest (18 percent higher than other days) on Thursday and Friday, according to the Buddy Media research.

Incomplete information on your brand page

Have you at any point gone over a brand page that looks like incomplete and half-hearted? Did you feel left alone amidst the street, not realizing where to go? Surely you wouldn’t want to ill-treat your visitors in a similar way. The Brand Page is the principal purpose of contact with your followers, so it is important that you establish a strong first impression! It is essential that you give however much data as could reasonably be expected. Mention the hours of work, address, contact details, URL, and whatever you find important for your visitors to know.

Too many words

Who likes reading long posts? Yep, some you may like that but 70% of the crowd are not going to read long posts. We are kind of lazy even in the case of social media. We avoid long posts and feel tired or lost while reading long posts. So before posting feel the same for your followers. Write shorter posts (between 250 characters) and get 60 percent more shares. You can get considerably more likes, on the off chance that you cut down the word tally to 80 characters or less.

You have to decide the recurrence with which you should post your substance. Posting too frequently or not frequently enough can both be harmful to you. Depending upon your target audience, you need to identify how often they want to hear from you. It is likewise vital that you adhere to an example to look after consistency. On the off chance that you can’t post for quite a while, let your audience know that you’ll be inaccessible for that timeframe. When you’re back, told them you’re prepared to go once more. The audience will value your efforts.

Out Of Context Posts

Neglecting to adjust your posts on your brand may befuddle your audience. Right from the text to images and videos, everything should be a reflection of your brand. It is reasonable to post some interesting content on your page to attract more new followers but make sure you don’t go out of context. You can take advantage of significant occasions occurring over the world, however, ensure it coordinates the center message. For example, after the incident of Luiz Suarez (star forward for Uruguay’s soccer team) biting the shoulder of a defender on Italy’s team, an array of leading brands like Snickers, McDonald’s Trident Gum, etc. took advantage of the situation.

Facebook is a critical element in the social media landscape. But this does not mean you have to implement every strategy you come to know about.Measure what works for your crowd and what they detest. Take out a few minutes from your daily schedule and plan your strategies. Update yourself and tweak the Facebook marketing strategies accordingly. Likewise ensure you keep away from the deadliest Facebook advertising botches, to position your brand in the most ideal way.

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