Ski Tours and Directory Creation

Working on Microsoft word and PowerPoint was not very unknown to me as I had to work on both from my school days. But I was introduced to Spreadsheet and how to work on it from the first day one after I joined this organization and I am happy to say that I had done a good job which had pleased me and my client as well.

I am always eager to learn new things and gather more knowledge on how to work on different applications. I am grateful to my client and my colleagues for allowing me to be a part of the project. Slowly I will be moving on how my experience was while I worked on this project.

Basically, I did not start from the very beginning of the project, but I had joined somewhere in between where almost half of the project was done. Let me first introduce on what was I exactly working. I was assigned to a project where my client was planning to make different Ski trips to different resorts that offer skiing for people of different age groups. My client who wanted to organize trips for people had come up with a huge list of operators who visit different resorts during the ski season. This list comprised of the details of the operators as the name, their address, contact numbers, their websites along with the link of the event that they were going to organize.

1- I had received an ample amount of help from my colleagues while I was working as well as my clients were helpful too. Let me now help you in making a clear understanding as on how I had to work and what was my exact work slowly, step by step: 1- We had to pick up the name of the resort and fill up the sheet that was provided to us with the links of the Resorts that we find in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Liftopia, Getskitickets and the link where the direct lift tickets can be bought.

2- I moved to the sheet where the details of the trips that are basically Overnight. Here, I had to take up the operator and visit the page where the details of their trips were available. Accordingly, I had to pick up all the information’s fill up the columns as per the heading were given. I had to enter the name of the resort, the start and end date of journey, the time and location of pickup if available along with the name of the airlines if they are traveling via air, the time of arrival and departure of the resort.

3- Here if the pickup was not already present in the pickups tab then we had to locate the place on google map and then add up the location with the name of the pick-up city, the state province of the pickup location, the nearest metro level of the pickup along with the address and the latitude and longitude. Then coming back to the Overnight trips sheet, we had to link the cell of that pickup with the other entire row of the same pickup I the pickup sheet.

4- Now I moved on to enter the details of the lodge like the name, address, contact number and the link of the website of the lodge where the visitors will be staying. For this, I had to make online research and find out the lodge along with its details.

5- After entering the required data about the lodge I had to move to the column where I had to mention the minimum number of lift tickets that the operator was offering along with the transport and lodge or either one.

6- I also had to mention the type of currency for the cost of the trip and mention USD (US Dollar) if the operator was US-based else CAD (Canadian Dollars) if the trip operator was Canada-based.

7- Then I had to enter the cost of the total trip and here the division was made by my client from beforehand and I had to enter the costs according to the divisions. Few columns were made only for entering the cost that included all transport, lodging and the lift tickets as well dividing further into the quad, triple, double or single occupancy. Few were there where the cost to be entered which only included the transport and lodging and not the lift tickets dividing further into quad, triple, double or single occupancy. Few columns were there where the cost to be entered which only included only lodging.

8- Then I had to enter the cost of lift tickets, additional if any available that was had to be purchased from the lodge’s or resorts and only the cost of the ground transport one way or two way.

9- Then I had to mention if the trip was a cross country and if any snacks were included.

10- Finally I had to paste the link of the event and th9is would bring me at the end of one resort adding a row and the details about the trip to that resort.

Hence above all, I had elaborated enough on how I had been working for my client which helped my client in keeping a focus on his other personal works. This had saved his time and energy and he was able to get what he wanted at the end of the time period that was assigned to us.

This task had helped me to make proper research online on how to locate a place including the latitude and longitude of the place; which can be termed as the pickup location for the operators. In addition, I learned how to work on Spreadsheet Online with my clients and colleagues where we finished the work within the targeted time period.

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